The Networking Assistant Description

The Networking Assistant is your personal secretary/helper. It allows you to organize contacts, add interactions with those contacts, and create to-do items related to each interaction. Leave Excel Spreadsheets in 2017 and upgrade to The Networking Assistant. An extremely accessible mobile CRM platform which stores a library of notes and relevant information is crucial to keeping up with business prospects and maintaining professional relationships.

Early Access to The Networking Assistant

The Networking Assistant is an app that lets users organize their contacts while networking, add interactions, and create to-do items to be the most effective.

Think CRM… but for networking. 

I read that 64% (or 3 in 5) hires at Fortune 500 companies last year were the direct results of employee referrals. 

With networking being so vital to accelerating your career path, there needs to be a way to track everything and stay organized. 

The Networking Assistant does just that. 

After inputting your contacts, you can track and record each interaction. 

Want to follow up with someone in 30 days or 6 months? Plug that in. 

Want to reference a talking point about a conversation 50 days ago? Just scroll back. 

The Networking Assistant is still in the development phases, but I am taking in feedback from beta testers. 

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